Welcome to our New Build Zone – designed to help you grow your new build business.

We are making it even easier for your customers to purchase a brand new property. We offer a range of new build mortgage deals which include Shared Ownership.

We're committed to developing a comprehensive new build proposition…

And what’s more, we work hard to deliver the personal service you expect. That’s why you can rely on support from a super-friendly BDM and service team, who are on hand to help you with your new build cases.


Your New Build toolkit

We’ve created a range of handy materials to help you discuss buying a new build home with your clients. We hope you find them useful.


A-Z Lending Policy

If you've got a specific query on an aspect of our new build Lending Policy you can search for your answer here.

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Why you should recommend Virgin Money to your new build clients

We define new build as a property where construction is completed and/or the property is first occupied, in the last 24 calendar months.

A wide range of products and features…

  • Residential and BTL deals from our core range available for new build. Deals available up to 95% for residential shared ownership / 90% for residential non-shared ownership.*
  • Cash incentives of up to and including 5% of the purchase price are acceptable up to 90% LTV without affecting the loan amount. For LTVs up to 90% where the value of the cash incentive is greater than 5%, the balance of the incentive above 5% must be deducted from the purchase price when calculating the maximum loan amount. Where the LTV is greater than 90%, cash incentives must be deducted from the purchase price when calculating the maximum loan amount. Please see our Incentives Criteria Link opens in a new window 
  • Part-exchange transactions accepted.
  • 30 weeks (seven months) Offer as standard and we will offer a 30 weeks (seven months) extension if needed. Subject to criteria. Please see our Offer Extension
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  • Access to a range of Greener Mortgages, more competitively priced than their equivalent Core products, rewarding customers for purchasing energy efficient, new-build homes. See our Greener Mortgages page.

*Up to 95% LTV on new build houses is only available for Shared Ownership, otherwise the maximum LTV is 90%

…Backed by great service

  • Dedicated Service Team who are specialists in new build.
  • Access to all our mortgages - we don’t keep the best deals to help us find new customers ourselves.
  • At least 24 hours’ notice before we increase the rates on our mortgage products.

Want to know more?

Our BDMs are here to help you with both Virgin Money and Clydesdale Bank.

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