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Helpful hints

Here are some helpful tips to use during the application process:

  1. Input each credit commitment separately and do not combine commitments as one entry; this will help to prevent your clients' maximum borrowing amount being artificially reduced
  2. Remember to include all credit commitments that your clients have, including credit cards
  3. Only input dependents once i.e. if your clients have two children between them, do not input two dependents under each applicant's details
  4. When inputting addresses please use the full address and not abbreviations e.g. 'street' not 'st' and 'avenue' not 'ave'
  5. Please ensure that maintenance payments are included into the 'monthly maintenance / CSA payments' field and not in the 'monthly regular childcare' section as it may affect the maximum borrowing amount generated
  6. Include all 'interest only' details. Your case will not be able to proceed until we have received all details requested on the application
  7. Please send all supporting documentation (including the detailed expenditure form where required) to us using one of four options:
  • You will be prompted within VMO to upload your documents once you have submitted your application.
  • You can upload supporting documents to VMO at any time once your application has been submitted.
  • Use the Secure Document Transfer link which we will email to you following completion of an application. Secure Document Transfer links are unique and case specific and should only be used to upload supporting documents for the case referenced in the email you receive.
  • Use the existing unsecure method by emailing your documents to for new business and for product transfer business.
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If you have any queries please contact your Regional Service Team.