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Support that lets you shine

Our very best products, streamlined underwriting and the dependable service you need. We’re here to help you stand out.

We know just how tough your job can be. That’s why we work our socks off to help make it easier for you to do what you do.

Boosting your business

When you write business, we're in business. So we do everything we can to try to help.

Like promoting you directly on Link opens in a new, pointing customers in your direction. Plus, we’ve streamlined how we process your applications, underwriting up front and instructing valuations straightaway.

And we have a 10-day service promise – if we don’t send an Offer on time, we'll pay your customers £100.*

And when the business is done, there's a well-earned procuration fee for you – whether it's for new business, product transfers, or porting – and a smile on your customer's face for a job well done.

The hard work you do for your customers (and for us, too) doesn’t go unnoticed.

PDF opens in a new window*Terms apply.

We love to listen

We love it when you're honest with us. Letting us know how we're doing.

Because without your feedback, we'd be working in the dark. And in the first 12 months our rating and review service has been live, you've given us an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.*

Listening to you meant we did all this:

  • Improved our case tracking, giving you more time to do what you do best.
  • Promised to give you at least 24 hours’ notice before we increase any rates.
  • Developed one of the largest teams of BDMs in the market to support you.
  • Created dedicated processing teams who know you, your area and your cases.

Thanks to you, we’ve picked up industry awards recognising our commitment to you and the intermediary mortgage market.

And our focus on service has led to new highs. Our intermediary partners tell us they’re now more willing to recommend us to their customers than ever before.**

*Source: Virgin Money Ratings and Reviews data taken from 19.10.2016 to 19.10.2017.

**2017 BDRC Net Promoter Score for Intermediaries.

Onwards. Upwards

You play a big part in supporting landlords and helping people onto and up the property ladder. Day in, day out. To do that, you need the right products. Which is where we come in.

  • We've made improvements to our buy-to-let affordability. We now take personal income into account where there’s a shortfall against the rental test, so more of your customers are getting the loan amounts they want.
  • We pull out all the stops for first and next-time buyers, supporting house building initiatives such as Help to Buy and Custom Build.
  • We're committed to offering intermediaries our very best products – we don't offer better deals to attract new customers ourselves.

Plenty of perks

Hero brokers like you shouldn’t go unsung. And we've got plenty of ways to say thanks for everything you do.

From the basics – a warm, friendly and supportive service – to extras like tailor-made prize draws and competitions. Not to mention access to Virgin Money Lounges and a host of Virgin Group offers.

Want to know more?

Talk to your dedicated BDM, or check out our latest deals, policy and other information available across our website.

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