Changes to our Standard and BTL Variable rates

07 September 2018

Following the recent increase to the Bank of England Base Rate, we have increased our residential Standard Variable Rate and Buy to Let Variable Rate by 0.20%

Our residential Standard Variable Rate increased to 4.99% and our Buy to Let Variable Rate increased to 5.19% from 7 September 2018.

Existing customers

We will soon contact existing customers who are on Standard Variable Rate, Buy to Let Variable Rate, or have an element of their mortgage linked to Standard Variable Rate (such as a Personal Secured Loan), so that they are aware that their rate and monthly repayment will change on 1 October 2018.

Eligible residential customers who have had their loan with us for a longer period will continue to benefit from our loyalty rate, which following the change will be 4.74%.

Additional information

All other products and features remain unchanged. The changes we’re making solely affect our Standard Variable Rate and our Buy to Let Variable Rate.

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