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Residential policy

We accept 100% of contractually guaranteed income from a customer’s primary employment. For example, a contractual car allowance, large city weighting or permanent shift allowance.

We accept 60% of variable income that’s regular and reliable. For example, bonus, commission or overtime.

Variable pay frequencyIncome used
Monthly or more regular
  • 60% of the lowest of the last 2 months
If the year to date figure is lower, we'll use 60% of the variable pay showing in the YTD.
Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly
  • 60% of the most recent year
If the total variable pay is more than basic pay, we use 60% of the 2 year average, or more recent if lower.

Exceptionally, we may be able to use up to 75% of variable income where a 3 year track record of stability is held (2 years if monthly or more regular). This must be agreed with us before applying.

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