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What we're looking for

Portfolio landlord lending at a glance

Criteria we accept:

  • Up to 75% LTV
  • £1m maximum loan amount
  • Up to 5 buy-to-let mortgages with Virgin Money group, amounting to up to £3m in total
  • Up to 10 mortgaged buy-to-lets in total, across any lender, including any in an SPV
  • Background portfolio - up to 75% LTV in total, and rent must cover its mortgage payments by 135%, stressed at 5%
  • Up to 5 buy-to-lets in the same postcode

Like for like remortgages

We've lightened up our lending limits to make remortgages with no additional borrowing easier

No background portfolio limits

No maximum number of buy-to-lets. No postcode restrictions. And no LTV restrictions on background portfolios either.

Less rental cover

Reduced background portfolio rental cover to 125%, stressed at 5%.

Easier admin

No need for a business plan and cashflow document, and we'll let you know if we need a property schedule.

Rental cover test

Use the highest stress rate that applies to check your case meets our test

Purchase or remortgage with additional borrowing

Interest cover ratio

125% or 145%

125% basic / 145% higher or additional tax payers

Stress rate: 5+ year fixed

4.5% or pay rate +1%

Stress rate: any other product

5.5% or pay rate +2%

Remortgage with no additional borrowing

Interest cover ratio


Stress rate: all products

5% or pay rate +1%

Ready to apply?

If you've got everything you need, apply through VMO or whatever platform you prefer

Apply on VMO

Background portfolio

If it's a purchase or remortgage with additional borrowing, download and submit these documents when applying

Business plan and cashflowUpload this through VMO Link opens in a new window
Property scheduleUpload this through the BTL Hub Link opens in a new window

How to use our BTL Hub

Register your firm, link to Virgin Money, then upload property schedules

Our BTL Hub is provided by our partner CoreLogic. Only one person from your firm needs to register, then you can add other users and submit property schedules.

Just remember to link your firm to Virgin Money after you register.

View BTL Hub Guide Link opens in a new window

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