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Residential policy


Types of flats


Flats on the 5th storey or higher must be serviced by a lift. Where a flat is located on the 4th storey or below, there is no requirement for a lift to be provided irrespective of the number of floors to the block. Flats on the 5th story or higher which are not serviced by a lift are only considered acceptable if there is demonstrable demand due to the location.

The number of storeys includes all floors and if there are multiple blocks in a development which share an entrance, we will use the storey height of the highest block.

Ex local authority, housing association or MOD flats must not be in a building of over 7 storeys. Deck or balcony access is acceptable subject to valuer comment.

Commercial premises

Flats over or adjacent to commercial premises are acceptable subject to valuer assessment including that the commercial premises doesn’t detriment demand or enjoyment of the property. The flat’s entrance must not be via the commercial premises and flats immediately above or adjacent to food, drink or dry cleaners will usually be unacceptable.


Flats must be leasehold (or in Scotland, heritable or leasehold). Share of freehold properties are acceptable but there must be an acceptable underlying lease upon which we can place our charge.

Freehold flats are only acceptable for a Tyneside flat where there are reciprocating lease/ freehold arrangements, with our security being the lease of the subject flat and the freehold of the other flat.

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