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Residential policy

Forces HTB is a scheme open to serving members of the armed forces allowing them to borrow up to 50% of their annual salary up to £25,000 interest free. Funds can be used towards a deposit and fees for a residential purchase and are repaid in equal instalments over a 10 year period, deducted from salary with a small insurance premium.

We accept the Forces HTB loan as a residential mortgage deposit.

When applying, please select ‘Other’ as the source of deposit, and use the box that appears to tell us it’s ‘Forces HTB’.

It’s important to include the Forces HTB loan and insurance payments as expenditure so we know how much the customer will be paying. In the ‘Financial Details’ section please declare the loan under ‘Existing Loan Details’ as an ‘Unsecured’ commitment and include the insurance cost under ‘Monthly Outgoings’ as ‘Insurance & Investments’.

We don’t need the customer’s personal information note from the MoD which confirms their loan.

We allow Forces HTB for Shared Ownership too, and it’ll count towards the minimum 5% personal contribution we need for a Shared Ownership deposit.

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