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Residential policy

You must submit a new application to change a property, add or remove applicants or change the application type from residential to BTL (or vice versa). This includes a new product and valuation, up to date documentation and re-assessment against current criteria. A new valuation fee will apply if selecting a product without free valuation.

Submitting a new application

Application details can be copied over to the new application. Any product fee paid can be transferred to the new application, just contact us to let us know the new application number and we’ll cancel the old application. We will allow the product to be transferred to the new application. If the old case has already been cancelled, the product can still be transferred up to 6 weeks after cancellation.

Changing an existing offer

We can usually make changes to existing offers if you need to amend things like the term, loan amount, repayment method, or purchase price. Just contact us to let us know what you need to change. Where this requires a change to product, the range used should be our current new business range.

We allow a change of product using the current product range as many times as needed prior to completion. This can be pre-offer or post-offer, up until we have received the Certificate of Title from the solicitor.

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