£99 application fee removed from BTL products

29 January 2016

On Friday 29 January, we made improvements to some of our intermediary exclusive BTL products, as well as selected core residential and BTL deals. We also removed the £99 application fee across all BTL products for a limited time.

Summary of Changes:

Intermediary Exclusive changes:

  • Selected BTL 2 year fixed rates at 50% and 60% LTV reduced by up to 0.07%
  • Selected BTL 5 year fixed rates at 70% and 75% LTV reduced by up to 0.14%, including 5 Year Fixed Rate Stamp Duty Buster at 75% LTV reduced to 3.65%, with £1,500 cashback

Core range changes:

  • 2 Year Fixed Rate Fee Saver at 95% LTV reduced to 3.79%
  • 5 Year Fixed Rate at 65% LTV reduced to 2.29%, with a £995 fee
  • Selected BTL 2, 3 and 5 year fixed rate fee savers at 60% LTV reduced, with rates starting from 3.19%
  • BTL 2 Year Fixed Rate at 70% LTV reduced to 2.50%, with a £1,995 fee

Additional Information:

End dates have been extended to 1 June of the relevant year.

Our Intermediary Exclusive products are available to intermediaries registered with Mortgage Clubs and Networks appointed to Virgin Money’s National Account panel. 

For full details of our new range, please view our latest Mortgage Update

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