Our Stamp Duty Service Commitment

14 December 2020

Stamp duty holiday deadline

Many customers are looking to take advantage of the tax-break on house purchases. With the potential tax-saving running into thousands of pounds, we know your customers won’t want to miss the completion deadline.

And that’s why we’re launching a new service commitment.

Our new service commitment

Send us a fully-packaged purchase application by Friday 15 January and we’ll issue an Offer by Friday 29 January, or we’ll give your customer £200. Terms apply.

A typical purchase case can complete within eight weeks of receiving an Offer. Our service commitment gives your customers some confidence over when they’ll receive their Offer and how long they have to complete on their purchase.

Help with packaging your case

Help us to get you a speedy Offer by fully-packaging your case up front. The applications processed most quickly are the ones that meet our packaging requirements with the supporting documents supplied to us as soon as the case has been submitted. Make sure you’re including everything we need by checking here before you submit.

We want to help

If you have any questions, just get in touch with your dedicated Business Development Manager, who’ll do everything they can to help.

The team at Virgin Money

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