Confirmation of product withdrawal

23 October 2018

On Tuesday 23 October we amended the following residential products: 

Intermediary Exclusive 2 Year Fixed Rate Remortgage Special at 90% LTV has been increased to 1.92%

Intermediary Exclusive 5 Year Fixed Rate at 65% LTV has been increased to 1.98% 

2 Year Fixed Rate at 85% LTV with a £995 fee has been increased to 1.89%

2 Year Fixed Rate at 90% LTV with a £995 has been increased to 1.92%

Additional Information 

End dates have moved to 1 March of the relevant year. 

Update to our lending policy

To ensure that we move with the market, we regularly review our lending policy. In recent years, we have seen very low demand for Guarantor mortgages and so from Wednesday 24 October we will no longer accept Guarantor mortgage applications. 

We’d ask that you please submit any outstanding DIPs for clients under existing policy by 8pm on Tuesday 23 October. Any DIPs which are submitted on or before this date will be valid for 90 days. We will support any existing Virgin Money customers with an existing guarantor mortgage to renew their product, but the option to apply for additional borrowing will not be available.  

In line with our commitment to you, we will keep you updated on changes and improvements to our credit policy. 

For full details of our product range please view the Mortgage Update.

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