your six step
mortgage application guide

As you know, there are lots of things to consider when making a mortgage application, which is why we've put together a guide outlining what you need to do and when. Simply follow these steps and you and your client could be six steps closer to completion.

Research icon
Step 1
Research our products
  • Sourcing systems – start by finding a suitable product for your client on your preferred sourcing system.
  • Lending policy – check your client meets our lending criteria by visiting the lending policy section on our intermediary website.
  • Business Development Manager – speak to your dedicated BDM to discuss the best way to go ahead.
Calculator icon
Step 2
Use our Online Affordability Calculator
  • Residential affordability – check your client’s income, loan commitments and outgoings with this handy tool, using as accurate figures as possible.
  • Buy to let affordability – calculate the maximum loan amount that your client can borrow to purchase their BTL property with this handy tool
  • Print – our affordability documents are all printer friendly to help your record keeping.
KFI icon
Step 3
Create an Illustration
DIP icon
Step 4
Turn the Illustration into a Decision in Principle (DIP)
  • DIP application – complete the application for an immediate DIP using either VMO or MTE.
  • Unsecured and recently cleared credit – make sure that you detail all unsecured credit and highlight anything that will be repaid before or when the mortgage completes.
  • Buy-to-let – please declare any buy-to-let loans and indicate if they are self supporting.
  • Decision Certificate – if the application passes we will send you a Decision Certificate straightaway, telling you how much we will lend and what documents you need to send us. If it is referred to an underwriter, you should hear within 48 hours.
  • Keep it safe – our certificate is easy to print and keep for your records.
  • Documentation – source all the documents we need, which we will confirm to you.
  • Monitor decision – If you need to make any changes to a decision, please call your dedicated Regional Service Team and select the relevant option.
Full appplication icon
Step 5
Turn the DIP into a full application
  • Full application form – complete this form, making sure all the facts and figures match those on the calculator, KFI and DIP.
  • Submit – send us the completed form through VMO or MTE.
  • Payment – make sure you have the client’s payment details.
  • Save and print – keep copies of the Declaration, Direct Debit and Application Summary details.
  • Documentation – copies of all supporting documentation such as income verification, ID and proof of residence should be sent to us using one of four options:

    - You will be prompted within VMO to upload your documents once you have submitted your application.

    - You can upload supporting documents to VMO at any time once your application has been submitted.

    - Use the Secure Document Transfer link which we will email to you following completion of an application. Secure Document Transfer links are unique and case specific and should only be used to upload supporting documents for the case referenced in the email you receive.

    - Use the existing unsecure method by emailing your documents to for new business and for product transfer business.

    We accept scanned copies or photographs of supporting documents.
  • Monitor your case – use Case Tracking on VMO and MTE to see how your case is progressing.
Team icon
Step 6
Your dedicated Regional Service Team
  • One dedicated team – made up of our multi-skilled mortgage experts and an in-team underwriter.
  • Contact – get in touch with the team for all queries through to Offer.
  • Faster service – a single point of contact so we can process your cases quickly and more efficiently
  • Enjoy – a dedicated phone number and personalised service.

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