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Virgin Money Online (VMO) overview

The Virgin Money Online service (VMO) is quick and easy to use, providing you with the flexibility to meet all your business needs.

The service allows you to complete case details without being connected to the internet, only connecting to submit. Once your case is submitted you can keep up to date with its progress through our email update service and improved case tracking facilities. Our case management services also provide a range of archiving and storage options to meet your compliance needs.

We've enhanced VMO to enable product transfers for existing Virgin Money customers, with a quick and easy submission process. Click here to find out more.

We've improved the way we process cases and now offer you more accurate updates through VMO

No one likes to sit on the phone listening to a recorded system. So, we're saving you precious time by offering more comprehensive information through VMO case tracking.

Our improved processes provide you with more timely and accurate updates at each stage of your client's application.

The information available to your dedicated Regional Service Team will be the same information available to you via case tracking on VMO and we'll continue to send updates on your cases via email, meaning you'll always be up to date.

Other benefits of our service are:

  • Easy to install
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Data can be input offline
  • Instant online registration
  • Access to Illustrations, Decision in Principles, Full Applications
  • Instant automated online decisions
  • Intelligent forms - we only ask the relevant questions
  • Full easy pre-population of data between Illustrations, Decision in Principle and Full Applications
  • Ability to view 'Offer' online as soon as they are available.
  • Improved Case Tracking and Case Management services
  • Archiving and storage facilities to help support you with your compliance needs
  • Outbound e-mail update service - keeping you up to date on the progress of your cases
  • Valuations instructed instantly online - this may be subject to the fee being paid
  • Facility to set up supervisors and administrators - providing easy management of cases within a firm

If you would like to use the Virgin Money online service you must be registered to submit Mortgage business to Virgin Money. If you have not already done so you should complete our registration form . An advisor will then contact you about installing our online service.

If you are already registered, please call your dedicated Regional Service Team and select the relevant option. We will provide you with a link to download the software.

Installation and registration
  • If you are already registered you can install VMO on your desktop or laptop. You will then need to contact your dedicated Regional Service Team to complete the registration.
  • As a SUPERVISOR you will have the facility to set up other intermediaries and administrators within your firm. You are responsible for validating the identity of anyone you register.
  • As an INTERMEDIARY you will have the facility to set up an administrator who can have various access permissions to submit, view or manage cases on your behalf.
  • As an ADMINISTRATOR you will have been nominated by a supervisor or an intermediary to submit, view or manage their cases.
  • You can create a new Illustration, Decision in Principle, and submit a full application.
  • Once within our intelligent application forms you are free to complete your clients details in any order you wish.
  • Throughout the form you are only presented with the questions that are relevant to the customer and product details that you have already completed. If you do not have all the necessary data to hand, simply save the form and access it again at a later date from the Case Management screen.
Case management

All of your applications will appear in a list format within the Case Management section.

  • Search for cases - The search facility allows you to locate cases by application number, surname, club/network or date submitted.
  • Details - You can view and print a decision certificate where the case has been accepted.
  • Edit - This will take you into the application form and you can review, edit or print the details.
  • Pre–Populate - You can progress a case to the next stage by pre-populating the form, therefore never needing to re-input data.
  • Illustration - View and print any Illustrations associated with a case.
  • Case Track - You can case track by either selecting rows in the grid or selecting the club/network, then clicking on 'Details' to view.
  • View Offers - Your case management grid will update to inform you when an Offer is available to view / download. Simply select the case and click 'Illustration/Offer'.
  • Archive / Print - At any point in time you can choose to archive or print a case. Archived cases remain available to view through the 'archive' tab. To help you to manage your case management grid more effectively we will send you an automatic reminder to archive any Decision in Principles over 90 days old and Full Applications over 180 days old.
Updates and support
  • You can provide us with an e–mail address of your choice (or your administrator if you would prefer) and we will e–mail you each time a case progresses to another stage in the application process. The e–mail will contain information of the case and related progress, meaning you don't have to go online to get these details.
  • We have a dedicated team of fully trained staff to help you with any queries that you may have when using our new online services. Call your dedicated Regional Service Team for all your support requirements.