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Residential policy

Gifted deposits

Gifted deposits, such as money gifted by family, are acceptable. Vendor gifted deposits are only acceptable for new build.

Let-to-buy deposits

A deposit from a let-to-buy is acceptable. We do not require simultaneous completion (unless both the BTL and residential transactions of a let-to-buy are being mortgaged with Virgin Money).

Deposits from capital raising against other properties are also acceptable.

New builds

For new builds, we allow cash incentives up to 5% of the purchase price up to 90% LTV without affecting the loan amount. If greater than 5%, the balance of the incentive above 5% must be deducted from the purchase price when calculating the maximum loan amount. Where the LTV on a Shared Ownership case is greater than 90%, cash incentives must be deducted from the purchase price when calculating the maximum loan amount.


Deposits from loans are only acceptable subject to underwriter assessment. There must be no charge placed on the property we are lending on. Where the deposit is from a loan, this should be confirmed as the source of deposit in the application, and the associated expenditure and repayment terms declared. This includes loans from financial institutions or individuals, such as family members. Just so you know, we won’t usually consider scenarios where the deposit is entirely from a loan.

Forces HTB

Forces HTB loans are accepted as a source of deposit. See our Forces HTB criteria.

Gifted equity

Gifted equity is acceptable when buying from a family member. See our discounted purchase criteria.


Deposits sourced from Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCA), such as an open cooperative funding circle scheme, are not acceptable.


We do not usually require proof of deposit to be provided. The legal rep will confirm the deposit as part of their due diligence. If the deposit is gifted, we require a gifted deposit form.

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