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Residential policy


Guaranteed income

In addition to basic pay from permanent employment, we accept 100% of any contractually guaranteed income, like a car allowance or territorial allowance.

Variable income

View our bonus and variable income policy.


If the customer is in probation or has not been in their current job for 6 months, this is acceptable as long as they have a permanent contract (as opposed to short term) and they’ve received their first payslip.

Second jobs

We take 100% of income from a second job where the income has been received for at least 12 months.

Parental leave

View our parental leave policy.

Other employed income

Agency, fixed term employment and zero hour contracts are acceptable where the customer has a 2 year track record in the same line of work, whether on a permanent basis, or as a contractor. For zero hour contracts we need a 2 year track record of that income type. If the customer has not been in their current job for a year, then we can only use their income if it is consistent with the level received in their previous job.

Seasonal or temporary short term employment is not acceptable.

Self employed


If the total combined shareholding of all applicants is under 20% of a partnership or limited company, we treat them as employed. If it’s 20% or more, we treat them as self employed.


If a partner/member of an LLP is salaried with no shareholding, we treat them as employed. If they are an equity partner or receive profit share as part of their remuneration, we usually treat them as self employed.

View our self employed policy




Income from a court ordered maintenance agreement or a Child Maintenance Arrangement is accepted if it has been received for at least 2 years and will be in place for at least the term of the mortgage.

Benefits and disability benefits

We accept the following benefits:

Rental income


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