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Residential policy

Where we lend

Standard construction

A property’s suitability is subject to individual assessment but generally, a property is acceptable where it’s of standard construction with brick, block or stone solid or cavity walls, or modern timber frame with a masonry external skin, or modern steel frame with a masonry external skin (if originally with NHBC guarantee), and a main pitched tiled, slated, thatched or modern metal sheet covered roof (not corrugated iron) or flat felt, asphalt, copper, lead, zinc or GRP covered roof or timber cut, trussed, or a steel frame roof. Historic hardwood timber framed infilled properties are also usually acceptable.

Non-standard construction


Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is categorised as:

A. Causing visible damage to the property
B. Impacting the amenity space of the property
C. Within the boundaries but not impacting the amenity space of the property
D. On neighbouring property or land

Categories A and B

The surveyor will usually request a report by a PCA or ISSE registered firm. All recommended remedial works must be undertaken and covered by an insurance backed 10 year guarantee which must be property specific and transferable to subsequent owners and mortgagees in possession. Funding for the works must be ring-fenced and protected by bond-pay, escrow or similar.

Categories C and D

We are usually able to lend with no further requirements.


Acreage, annexes, charges of part, flat roofs, flooding, flying freeholds, and neighbouring land

Unacceptable properties

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